Looking for Lucy

A missing child.
A house of secrets.
And Parents who lie.

My name is Lucy Valentine and I have been missing for thirty-one days. I am eight on my next birthday and I would very much like to go home.

A wealthy couple plays dangerous mind games with a reluctant psychic and her daughter in a desperate attempt to locate their own missing child

The parents think it’s their worst nightmare to lose a child, but the real nightmare begins when another Lucy is found

Blackmailed into helping John and Jane Valentine discover the whereabouts of their daughter, Lucy—Cindy Martin must convince everyone her clairvoyant abilities have not failed her when she arrives at Moon Hollow, a house with the darkest of secrets.

She must also ensure her own daughter is safely ensconced under the Valentine’s protection before she can start looking for the missing heiress.When it becomes clear the Valentines are withholding vital information about Lucy’s disappearance, Cindy realises she cannot trust anyone. In a house where ghosts walk, and screams are expected, everyone acts suspiciously, even the child’s parents.

Who abducted Lucy Valentine? And who is the other Lucy? the mysterious young woman who keeps appearing in Cindy’s visions. What is she trying to tell Cindy?


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