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‘Jane attending Deepings Literary Festival’

Jane will be attending the Deepings Literary Festival on May 25th. This is a free ‘read dating’ event based on speed dating. It’s a unique opportunity to find new writers and books to love. Join Jane and other local authors at The Deepings Library on Saturday May 25th 2019 2pm-3.30pm

‘The Crying Boy’ book review

Wow is what I thought when reading this book. Right from the start of reading the blurb on the web I was drawn towards it. Well who wouldn’t be? Mysterious painting, curses and does the couple that have bought Swallow’s Nest really know what they have let themselves in for?
– Joey Amazon Customer

‘The Crying Boy’ book review

Really, there’s only one word that applies to this book and it’s “creepy”. Creeeeeeepy! The stuff of nightmares!
– Eva,