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The Crying Boy book review

WOW! I’ve not read anything from this author before, but picked up this one on pre-order as it sounded very tantalising as far as darker books go. It was AMAZING!

The story starts with a couple moving into a new home on the Yorkshire moors, but yet a strange painting that bears a resemblance to their recently deceased child hidden away in the attic is the centre of a scary curse. With Avril feeling the loss of her son and her husband, Clay, who is drifting away from her, the couple are thrown in at the deep end. I was addicted to turning the pages, wanting to make sure that I read as much of it as I could.

It was dark, terrifying and so so very good! Brilliantly written and a masterpiece. This is one author I will be keeping a close eye on, because she writes amazing books! It’s safe to say I loved it.

– Joey